05 May, 2013

Love that transcends boundaries..

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of tradition and culture,
Is viewed outcast,
For within our caste is what we seek.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of age,
Should not take place,
Marrying a younger man,
“Oh so unacceptable!”
Are responses we shall face.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Of height,
Being a couple,
With a man oh-so-tall,
Is not what the society accepts.

Love that transcends boundaries,
Civilization will not endure,
For oh Lord,
What a danger it poses,
To the generations to come,
Love marriages will be accepted with open arms,
Matchmakers will go out of kaam,
Western influence would be in our land,
Then who would we blame for all wrong?!

 *hail sarcasm!* :P



  1. Beautifully you have ended the poem, ' the match makers going out of kaam!!"

    Though we call ourselves a modern society , but still orthodox ideas prevail here.

    1. Thank you so much once again for a prompt comment <3

      So true, isn't it!?

  2. Haha... Waiting for this day! Well but it all lies within u ... If u have belief on love n ur man or woman.. You can fight all odds .. Yes it will be difficult.. But thoda twist tho banta hai :P

    1. So true :D Bahut thoooda twist :P

      Hugs Vidhi!

      Thanks for the comment <3

  3. One should just keep going:)

  4. Congress. Always blame the Congress when anything goes wrong.

    1. Point noted. :P Now that we can't blame wastarnars *local style*, we always have congress huh!? ;D

      Thanks for your humorous comments :D

  5. Aha... those were some lines!!