15 May, 2013

Never judge someone, until you walk a mile in their shoes.

"She wears rags instead of clothes."
- Maybe because she's poor?

"She is so fat, why can't she bloody exercise?"
- She might have thyroid or any such disease.

"Why does have to wear clothes that reveal her cleavage? She must be a slut."
- She could be from a decent family, trying to find her identity, while stuck between her peers.

It's effortless to judge. It's easy to assume that fat people are lazy. It's even easier to assume that they're ugly. But until, you know someone's story, don't judge. Someone once asked me how I could be sure that a particular fat person had thyroid. In all honesty, I didn't. I didn't know her name, forget her medical history. Maybe she was lazy - but what would I get assuming so?

I get judged a lot. I'm talkative and I'm loud. I'm an extrovert. But I don't talk to everyone easily. I've heard people say I have an attitude problem when I do that or their common statement is, "Oh, so X is out of AaeKay's league." I could deny it, but I don't take that effort. I don't go around proving to everyone how I am. I don't find the necessity to - maybe a reason why they shouldn't find the need to judge me.

Judging a person is a deliberate decision one makes. It's not human nature, it's not natural. If it comes naturally to you, please control the urge to judge. Remember that you don't know her story. If you want to conclude something about a person, talk to them and find out about them. Get to know them. Bask in their warmth. Enjoy their company. Sometimes, there is a sensitive heart beneath a built body and layers of love to share beneath layers of fat. Find that.

Never talk about a person behind their back. Just because half the world does it doesn't make it right. I find it more comforting to be called whatever you judge about me on my face, rather than from someone after it has passed through fifty pairs of ears. Don't defame words. They're meant to spread hope, happiness and love. It's through the power of words that suicide attempts are prevented. It's through words that one feels beautiful. It's words that give one the power to make or break a person's day - sometimes even their life. Use them wisely.

I'm sorry if I'm giving out advice here, but I admit I'm not perfect. I have a very short temper and can get angry at a snap. I'm neither the most patient. But I have a heart that cares, a hand that will hold my loved ones and two ears that will not just hear, but listen.



  1. Aha!!! what an amazing right up. Really, I mean it.
    Words are powerful than sword as the saying goes, true they can make or break a day, a heart , a passion and we should use them wisely.

    People often as you too have mentioned just based on someone else's opinion, which is not always right.We should interact and use our own brain.

    Nice write up and an honest one too.!!


  2. This is soo true. And really makes so much sense not to talk behind their backs.
    You dont know their story.

  3. Absolutely sensible! I still don't understand what they get but judging everyone?? SOmetimes I think they indolent, that's why wasting their time in judging others. And one thing I have observed that the people who judges others a lot they somewhere forget to judge themselves. LOL! I only feel pity for them!

    1. True! I liked your comment!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. *whispers and points+laughs at you*

    snigger snigger hyuk hyuk.

    1. *whispers what a jackass he is* :D

      Haha your comments make me laugh so hard!! :D


  5. Hey how u been??
    Awesome write up! So true people keep judging each other... Without even thinking wat is goin on in their lives. I mean common give them space freedom! Wats d point of judging people anyways...! But neways I feel we should let dem b n ya so true dey r actually pittiable! We should move ahead no matter wat! Coz people who judge u r people u need to leave behind in life!:)

    1. I've been good, but busy with alternate day exams. Glad they end on Saturday!
      Yes, you're right. Thanks for the lovely comment!

  6. This is amazing! I loved the last para the most, about words and how they must be used and their importance. Really, if not for words, we wouldn't understand a thing! I hate judgments too. Especially the teasing, even if it's your classmates saying it's for "fun". You don't know if the chubby guy likes being called chubby, just because he laughs when you tease him, right?

    Really liked reading this. SO glad to see your perception over here! :)

    1. So true! Thank you for this wonderful comment!! :)

  7. I truly agree to all that you have said here Aaekay.. and I can just wish people understood all of this !