01 May, 2013

The Happiest Girl. :)

He waited for me,
At the bus stop,
With a smile on his face,
One that melted my heart.

Multi-colored clothes he wore,
I had to stifle a laugh,
So as to not offend him,
But hear me out,
Yellow, red and blue is a bad combination!

I pinched him hard,
And away I ran,
He chased me around the house,
It reminded me of my childhood,
When we played lock and key,
But romantic this was,
For it was he who held my heart.

He held me in an embrace,
His eyes met mine,
His hands on my waist.
My hands around his neck,
His hugs, so warm and tender,
And his perfume lingered.

Aaaaaaah what I can say,
He makes me feel at peace,
He bring infinite joy into my life,
He is a bundle of energy,
And I blush as I say this..
He makes me feel like the happiest girl on Earth. :)