27 June, 2013

Women Are NOT A Piece Of Meat.

Skimpy clothing,
Sluttish dancing,
Showing sex to lure audience,
Stop treating women like a piece of meat!!

Selling shoes,
To tone big butts,
To make them round,
So men feel fulfilled,
Stop treating women like a piece of meat!!

Raping her,
Because her clothes provoked you,
Your stupidity evokes me,
To slap you,
Stop treating women like a piece of meat!!

For she has a heart and she has a soul,
She wishes to be loved,
For who she is,
Than the shape of her curves,
Respect her, adore her,
Compliment her, embrace her;
Stop treating her like a turned on dog,
Look into her needs,
For it is men like that,
Who get to be treated with honor and respect,
For they respect a woman's dignity,
And don't look at her like a piece of meat.

Faithfully yours.

No matter how long it takes,
For us to sort our lives,
I will be yours.

If it takes us eons,
To achieve our dreams,
And see them come true,
I'll still be yours.

If we stumble,
And fail,
I will be by your side,
Holding your hand,
For even then I'm yours.

When we've reached a point,
Where we exude content,
And happiness is all we feel,
Just know that I'll be smiling along,
Cause I'm yours.

We'll exchange rings one day,
And be fiancé's,
Then we'll get married,
Be lawfully wedded husband and wife,
But even before the time for these occasions come..
I'm yours.

I pledge to be faithful to you,
I promise to spend fifty plus years with you,
I vow to be together till death do us apart,
For I believe in us,
And this is the kind of love I was waiting for..
Unconditional and reciprocating;
And you were the person I was waiting for,
I'll faithfully be yours..


My Need; My Desire.

It scares me,
Not being yours,
It sends a chill down my spine,
And makes me want to whine,
For you are my life's greatest desire.

Times when you talk of being single,
Insecure I feel,
As you are someone I cannot stand to lose,
You make my world brighter,
For you I orbit.

Loneliness takes over me,
Resentful I become,
A petulant, stone-hearted person I wish not to turn into,
You're integral to my existence,
For life with you is what I dream about.

How different would my life have been,
Had you never entered it?
I will never know,
And I wish not to either,
You're my sun that shines brightly,
Among the gloomy clouds,
Stay in my life forever,
For you, my love;
Are my life's need and desire.

26 June, 2013

Meant to grow old together..

Just one look at you and..
I get overwhelmed by the love I have for you,
I drown in your warmth,
And feel giddy when I see you smile,
You have no idea how much I love you.

Your brown eyes,
They sparkle,
When sunlight bathes them,
They twinkle; they speak to me,
Oh dear!
You have no clue how hard I've fallen for you.

Your muscular body,
With which you envelope me,
Leaves me in a trance,
I cannot believe I deserve you,
You have no inkling to the amount I adore you.

Your hands,
As they entwine with my fingers,
As our palms touch each other,
I feel belonging,
I feel loved,
I have a hunch that I fancy you far too much.

Words fall short,
When I try to convey my love for you,
I cannot articulate; I cannot profess,
No matter how much I try,
I fall short;
I love you too much,
Much, much more than I will ever be able to express;
I give to you my heart, body and soul,
For I have faith that our relationship,
Is meant to be,
You and I,
We're meant to get old together,
And wish on falling stars.

24 June, 2013

For A Thousand Years..

For a thousand years,
I waited to feel your breath on my neck,
My hair rose on end,
And goosebumps I felt,
And the wait was worth it.

For a thousand years,
I wanted to hearken your heartbeat,
And when I finally got the chance,
I was elated,
For our beats together weaved a melody.

For a thousand years,
I wished to lay on your shoulders and laugh out loud,
When you clicked a photo of me open mouthed,
I didn't just fulfill my dream,
But even had visual memories of it.

For a thousand years,
I wished to feel your arms around me,
Embracing me in tight, warm hugs,
And when I was stroked and caressed,
I felt like I had for the first time experienced the purest love.

For a thousand years..
I wanted to know how our bodies would feel against each other,
And when we fondled, cuddled and made love,
I knew that I would do anything..
And give thousand more years,
Only to be yours forever.

Love a guy who.. Part 2.

Love a guy who..
Will willingly carry your bag,
And not feel embarrassed,
To be seen in public with a woman's bag.

Love a guy who..
Will fulfill your every call,
Ask him to take you on night rides,
And poof! He buys a bike to hear you squeal.

Love a guy who..
Will wait in a doctor's clinic,
Even though he hates to be delayed,
For he values your torn gum more than his time.

Love a guy who..
Puts you before his own needs,
And cares to understand every word you speak,
For making you happy seems to be his goal.

Love a guy who..
Will cup your face in his hands when you cry,
Console you,
And tell you how you're stronger than the obstacles you face.

Love a guy who..
Puts his hand on your shoulder,
And pulls you close to his chest,
Just to make you hear his heartbeat.. that beats for you.

Love a guy..
Who helps you preserve your faith,
Visits temples with you,
And prays with positivity.

Love a guy who..
Knows you in and out,
Weaknesses and strength,
But will never use them against you.

Love a guy who..
Knows you are his world,
But not once uses it to his advantage,
For he knows how much you mean to him.

Love a guy who..
Respects your body and soul,
Nurtures and cherishes you,
For you might be his world too.


14 June, 2013

A Birthday Letter To A Lovely Sister :)

Dearest sister,

Wish you a very happy birthday! :)

I hope you have a wonderful day showered with love and all good things that the world can offer.

There’s this quote that I recently read and I felt that it resonated with us:

“For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather; 
To cheer one on the tedious way, 
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down, 
To strengthen whilst one stands” 
― Christina Rossetti

In the short time that we have known each other, you have inspired me like none other. You’ve helped me pick pieces up and forced me to move forward, even when failure broke me apart. You taught me so many lessons that today, I feel strong enough to face life’s battles. Sometimes, when things in life go wrong, that is all we need to do, revisit the lessons we have learned. All the problems you are facing are like clouds that are blocking the clear sky, tackle the clouds - it might rain and pour down with problems - but always remember that the sun will appear. The Lord knows how much we can take and how many problems we are capable of facing and believe that he will never burden us with more than we can handle.

They say love makes life worth living. It is indeed true and I learnt that from you. There is nothing that love cannot accomplish; there is nothing that love cannot crack open. Love might shatter our comfort zones, but it will always take us to deeper levels within ourselves. It will force us to expand our boundaries and explore new things. On this new journey of life that you are about to embark, I hope you take along lots of love.

Security is just an illusion. We feel that we are secure when things that we need are within our reach, when we are able to satisfy our wants and when life is at a pace we can handle. But when we do new things, there is no security. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, what proof did he have that he would return safe? When Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, what did he carry along for security? These great men broke out of their comfort zones and went ahead to do things they didn’t need to do. Just like how you went out your way to help a woman in distress, just how you gave your hand when the world ignored my cries for help, you made me feel secure. You’ve done great things, break the shackles and fulfill your dreams. They’re waiting for you.

Hope for better things. Hope is one thing that can bring great changes to a person’s life. Hope that your health will be better and hope that the bugs that are bothering you will be squashed. When we hope, the world aspires and comes together to make it true. Optimism doesn’t fool us that things are better, optimism makes us see things in a new light and that light helps us build our world in the way we want it.

Keep faith and pray everyday. The Lord will always watch us and never, ever let us down. He might give us a few setbacks to humble us, a few successes when he knows we’ve done our best and failures when we need to work harder. The Lord only intends to make us better people and only wants to help us live our lives to the best we can, atleast I believe so and I hope you will too. Never loose faith, for that is where life came from. Our parents had faith that we would be born hale and healthy with two hands, two legs and a heart that will pump efficiently.

You know, in life, there are very few people who really ask us how we are. When people ask it as a formality, we have all the right in the world to pretend that we’re perfect. But when it comes from the heart, when the intention to know how you are is genuine, let the layers fade. Let the reality come out. People say that we need to pretend, as we cannot go around sharing our sorrows. Maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not. I haven’t learnt that yet. But I know that I’m willing to take away a part of your pain by listening to the troubles you have. A problem shared is like a burden lifted off the shoulder, it gets halved. So share not only your joys, but your sorrows too. A joy when shared will multiply and a sorrow? When it shared, it will divide.

I have always admired how you have defined yourself. You’re an investment banker, you’re a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend and I’m sure you play so many more roles in the lives of people around you. But you have always been ‘love’ to me. I love how you have no layers to yourself. I love that innocence, that warmth and that smile that you seem to carry. I love the sweet tune of your voice whenever you talk. Please never change that no matter how stern the world seems on changing it; be yourself. You’re too beautiful a person to turn into a replica of crazy mud-heads.

I don’t know if there’s too much advice in this letter, but I hope you get the message. I care for you and would only wish you the best. I hope your spirits are high and awakened. I hope that you pop open a bottle of champagne (if you don’t drink, even water would do!), raise a toast to yourself, face life in the eye and say, “I’m ready, bring it on! Show me what you’ve got!” For that’s how strong you are. Put on the best version of yourself and have a great birthday!! :)

Tons of tight hugs, warm cuddles and lots of love,

12 June, 2013

I love you knight, because..

There's so much I love about you,
That I can practically write a book on it,
But this is what comes to my mind,
When I say your name..
Your smile.

Your smile lightens up my darkest days,
It gives me hope, it gives me faith,
Your smile is like a guiding light,
One that I'll always keep in sight.

Your unconditional love,
You gave, but didn't expect,
You paved my path, you showed me the way,
Your love has always been my beacon.

Your positivity,
Motivating me that things will all fall in place,
Optimistic that the light will be visible,
That till the end of the tunnel is all I will have to wait for.

Your kindness,
You gave more than I asked for,
I don't know where you came from,
But I'll never let you go.

 I love you,
And always will,
For you have the key,
To my locked heart,
You're precious to me, my darling,
And I love every trait you possess,
For you're my knight in shining armor. 

09 June, 2013

Down the Memory Lane. ♥

I would peep into his class and talk to all my seniors, but with my eyes transfixed on him.

I used to get so nervous when I compered, not because of talking in public, but because of how close he sat to me.

We shared a love for public speaking. He was so special to me, but he never knew it. We never spoke more than necessary, but I cared a lot about him. I don't know if he liked me as much, but I know that he enjoyed my company.

I've not seen or spoken to him since he passed out of school, eight years ago, but he is still an integral part of my memories.

For he was my first crush. ♥

P.S: Me's post inspired me to write this. :)

Photos of my trip to the States! :)

Emirates A320 to JFK, NY from Dubai Airport :)
Me at the Brooklyn Bridge, NY. Above my head is Statue of Liberty :P!
Sis and I wearing matching Disney t shirts! :D
Parents at Grand Floridian Resort, FL
Sis on the waterslide at Disney FL! :)
Me on the waterslide at Disney FL :D
Me teaching sis to swim :D
Sis and I at Disney FL :)
Mickey Mouse flip flops from Disney :D
Snoozing on the way to DC! :D
Snoozing on the bus to DC :D
Sis and I on the bus to DC
Capitol, DC

Korean memorial, DC
At Lincoln monument :)
Washington monument
Lincoln monument :)

In front of White House
The Obamas :)
St. Cathedral in NY
At National Air and Space Museum in DC
Me in DC
Capitol in DC
At Washington DC
Taylor Swift and I :)
Sister imitating MJ!
With MJ!!
Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin
The Beatles (WOW!)
Sarah Jessica Parker at Madam Tussaud in DC
With Marilyn Monroe (love her!)
With E=mc2 :D
With Kate & William! :D
With Aishwarya Rai Bachchan :)
With SRK and Bebo :)
With James Brown!
Our family at the wedding :)
At Madam Tussaud in NY with Nicholas Cage
At the top of Empire State Building, NY
At Central Park in NY
Sister and me at the Liberty Bell in Philly
Mum, Dad, Sister and family friends at the wedding :)
Close friend's daughter Fiona and me at the wedding :)
The parrot at the wedding that I kept on my hand!
Me before leaving for a close friend's wedding in Tampa
My sister and I experimenting with photos on our new iPad mini in FL :)

I had a wonderful, wonderful trip to Dubai (it's home to me) and the States. I visited New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Florida and Disneyland in Florida. It was an amazing trip with my beautiful family and family friends.

I hope you guys liked seeing the photos! :)

Have a nice day!