27 June, 2013

Faithfully yours.

No matter how long it takes,
For us to sort our lives,
I will be yours.

If it takes us eons,
To achieve our dreams,
And see them come true,
I'll still be yours.

If we stumble,
And fail,
I will be by your side,
Holding your hand,
For even then I'm yours.

When we've reached a point,
Where we exude content,
And happiness is all we feel,
Just know that I'll be smiling along,
Cause I'm yours.

We'll exchange rings one day,
And be fiancé's,
Then we'll get married,
Be lawfully wedded husband and wife,
But even before the time for these occasions come..
I'm yours.

I pledge to be faithful to you,
I promise to spend fifty plus years with you,
I vow to be together till death do us apart,
For I believe in us,
And this is the kind of love I was waiting for..
Unconditional and reciprocating;
And you were the person I was waiting for,
I'll faithfully be yours..



  1. :)Wow so many beautiful poems coming out here:)!!

  2. How do you come up with a poem a day? I am so devoid of ideas that even Pritam would poke fun at me .

    1. Hahaha it's a new year resolution to post atleast 15 meaningful blogposts. :) You devoid of ideas :O :O :O

  3. Love's all over you, haan? ;)

    Yet again, beautiful words! <3