24 June, 2013

For A Thousand Years..

For a thousand years,
I waited to feel your breath on my neck,
My hair rose on end,
And goosebumps I felt,
And the wait was worth it.

For a thousand years,
I wanted to hearken your heartbeat,
And when I finally got the chance,
I was elated,
For our beats together weaved a melody.

For a thousand years,
I wished to lay on your shoulders and laugh out loud,
When you clicked a photo of me open mouthed,
I didn't just fulfill my dream,
But even had visual memories of it.

For a thousand years,
I wished to feel your arms around me,
Embracing me in tight, warm hugs,
And when I was stroked and caressed,
I felt like I had for the first time experienced the purest love.

For a thousand years..
I wanted to know how our bodies would feel against each other,
And when we fondled, cuddled and made love,
I knew that I would do anything..
And give thousand more years,
Only to be yours forever.