12 June, 2013

I love you knight, because..

There's so much I love about you,
That I can practically write a book on it,
But this is what comes to my mind,
When I say your name..
Your smile.

Your smile lightens up my darkest days,
It gives me hope, it gives me faith,
Your smile is like a guiding light,
One that I'll always keep in sight.

Your unconditional love,
You gave, but didn't expect,
You paved my path, you showed me the way,
Your love has always been my beacon.

Your positivity,
Motivating me that things will all fall in place,
Optimistic that the light will be visible,
That till the end of the tunnel is all I will have to wait for.

Your kindness,
You gave more than I asked for,
I don't know where you came from,
But I'll never let you go.

 I love you,
And always will,
For you have the key,
To my locked heart,
You're precious to me, my darling,
And I love every trait you possess,
For you're my knight in shining armor. 


  1. It's every girl's dream :Knight in shining armor.

  2. :) each one of us wishes for such a Knight!!

    1. Oh yes! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Awww... romance romance and romance you are making me fall in love all over again <3