24 June, 2013

Love a guy who.. Part 2.

Love a guy who..
Will willingly carry your bag,
And not feel embarrassed,
To be seen in public with a woman's bag.

Love a guy who..
Will fulfill your every call,
Ask him to take you on night rides,
And poof! He buys a bike to hear you squeal.

Love a guy who..
Will wait in a doctor's clinic,
Even though he hates to be delayed,
For he values your torn gum more than his time.

Love a guy who..
Puts you before his own needs,
And cares to understand every word you speak,
For making you happy seems to be his goal.

Love a guy who..
Will cup your face in his hands when you cry,
Console you,
And tell you how you're stronger than the obstacles you face.

Love a guy who..
Puts his hand on your shoulder,
And pulls you close to his chest,
Just to make you hear his heartbeat.. that beats for you.

Love a guy..
Who helps you preserve your faith,
Visits temples with you,
And prays with positivity.

Love a guy who..
Knows you in and out,
Weaknesses and strength,
But will never use them against you.

Love a guy who..
Knows you are his world,
But not once uses it to his advantage,
For he knows how much you mean to him.

Love a guy who..
Respects your body and soul,
Nurtures and cherishes you,
For you might be his world too.



  1. This was the most beautiful poem I read after a long time... I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over... loved it!