27 June, 2013

My Need; My Desire.

It scares me,
Not being yours,
It sends a chill down my spine,
And makes me want to whine,
For you are my life's greatest desire.

Times when you talk of being single,
Insecure I feel,
As you are someone I cannot stand to lose,
You make my world brighter,
For you I orbit.

Loneliness takes over me,
Resentful I become,
A petulant, stone-hearted person I wish not to turn into,
You're integral to my existence,
For life with you is what I dream about.

How different would my life have been,
Had you never entered it?
I will never know,
And I wish not to either,
You're my sun that shines brightly,
Among the gloomy clouds,
Stay in my life forever,
For you, my love;
Are my life's need and desire.


  1. For you I orbit. wow! great.
    Love is essential but emotional over-dependence is fatal.

    1. That is such a true statement. Thanks for your comment Kalpana! I believe this is more of love than dependence. :)

  2. Can feel the apprehension. And it's trust that'll help it fade away.
    Lovely lines.

    Stay happy! :)

  3. I loved the way you have knitted the words:)

  4. Replies
    1. No longer Yoda I am :( :P No power to me :D