09 June, 2013

Photos of my trip to the States! :)

Emirates A320 to JFK, NY from Dubai Airport :)
Me at the Brooklyn Bridge, NY. Above my head is Statue of Liberty :P!
Sis and I wearing matching Disney t shirts! :D
Parents at Grand Floridian Resort, FL
Sis on the waterslide at Disney FL! :)
Me on the waterslide at Disney FL :D
Me teaching sis to swim :D
Sis and I at Disney FL :)
Mickey Mouse flip flops from Disney :D
Snoozing on the way to DC! :D
Snoozing on the bus to DC :D
Sis and I on the bus to DC
Capitol, DC

Korean memorial, DC
At Lincoln monument :)
Washington monument
Lincoln monument :)

In front of White House
The Obamas :)
St. Cathedral in NY
At National Air and Space Museum in DC
Me in DC
Capitol in DC
At Washington DC
Taylor Swift and I :)
Sister imitating MJ!
With MJ!!
Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin
The Beatles (WOW!)
Sarah Jessica Parker at Madam Tussaud in DC
With Marilyn Monroe (love her!)
With E=mc2 :D
With Kate & William! :D
With Aishwarya Rai Bachchan :)
With SRK and Bebo :)
With James Brown!
Our family at the wedding :)
At Madam Tussaud in NY with Nicholas Cage
At the top of Empire State Building, NY
At Central Park in NY
Sister and me at the Liberty Bell in Philly
Mum, Dad, Sister and family friends at the wedding :)
Close friend's daughter Fiona and me at the wedding :)
The parrot at the wedding that I kept on my hand!
Me before leaving for a close friend's wedding in Tampa
My sister and I experimenting with photos on our new iPad mini in FL :)

I had a wonderful, wonderful trip to Dubai (it's home to me) and the States. I visited New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Florida and Disneyland in Florida. It was an amazing trip with my beautiful family and family friends.

I hope you guys liked seeing the photos! :)

Have a nice day!



  1. WOW!! :D It looks like an amazing trip! I mean, I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the States :D

    I never knew "I have a dream" is set in stone! Wow!

    These are precious moments captured in beautiful pictures. Loved going through them. :D

    Disneyland! NY! Empire State Building! Will you believe it? I was reading the names of places and thinking of books and stories set in those places and going, "oh I know that!" :P

    Tampa! That reminded me of a t-shirt I have. "Busch Gardens.. Tampa, Florida". :P

    You guys! Awesome fun! :D Wishing you many more trips like these. Beautiful pictures. ^_^

    1. Firstly, I love long long comments! So thanks for that! :D

      It was an amazing trip :) The whole speech by Martin Luther King is set in stone. I had a total of 700+ photos, so I had to skim so much, I guess these photos capture the essence of the trip! :D

      I can believe that, it happens with me as well. Guess it's common to us bookaholics :D!

      I have very very close family friends in Tampa and Oldsmar, Florida :)

      Thanks a ton Ashna!!

  2. You looking a sweetheart :*...beautiful pictures, and gorgeous you :)

    1. Thanks so so much Sadia!! :) hugs!

  3. Lovely pictures, making lovely memories.
    And your captivating smile ensures you had a great time. :D

    Thanks for sharing these pictures, they are amazing! ^_^

    1. Thank you so much Srish!! :)

      It's been too long since we chatted, the last time we planned to chat it flopped out :| Will you be able to Skype tomorrow? :)

    2. Ya sure girl.
      Will try to catch up with you around 10 at night. :)

    3. Sure. Looking forward to it!

  4. Loved the pictures. The grey dress looks wonderful on you. And your sister is a sweetheart. We are planning to take the kids to Disney (here in LA) in August - I'm excited for them :). Thx for sharing!

    1. Thank you very much for the sweet comment! :)

      I'm sure the kiddos will have a wonderful time and so will you! Would love to see your Disney memories when you're back. :)

  5. Lovely amazingly cute pictures... I am sure you know what I mean right?

    HUGS <3

    1. Hugs! Thanks and ofc I know what you mean :))!