07 June, 2013

The Race Called Life.

Life's a rat race. It's about being productive, having sleepless nights, being on track with our mails and phone calls and always being at the top. It's about being number one, not on slack or sluggish and always in control of our life. It's about knowing what we want to do next and always being on the run. This is what the world teaches us about life.

Aren't there moments when you want to throw your hands up in desperation and just let go? Moments when you don't want to be in charge, when you don't want to keep track of things, when you let your goals take a back seat, how often do you do that? Disconnecting from technology and giving nature a chance, giving new relationships a chance to sprout and seeing the world with a new pair of eyes?

Life is a bundle of joy and sorrows. Life is well lived, only if we cherish and enjoy every split second. Each minute is a gift, one that we will have to not run through, but stop and smile. Laugh. Hug and adore.

I don't know if it's the post vacation blues that makes me want to live every moment, cause the memories that I have made in the last 15 days are running in my mind non-stop. I had a fantastic time and I have learnt so much about relationships, friends being like family and how travelling is such an amazing thing. :)

So.. I'm not bouncing back, cause I'm in no race. I have ample time to do what I want to and I will live every second from now. I hope you cherish every moment too, cause a minute lost is not one that will return.

Smile, breathe and enjoy the ride!

P.S: How have you all been and how is life treating you? :)



  1. Hey you back??

    Missed you..... and ofcourse your posts!

    Great to read you had so much fun....


    1. Yup reached Chennai today morning after a 20 hour flight from FL! :)

      I missed you too, we should catch up. I'll get to reading your posts super soon!


      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. :) true life should be taken care with affection and love ....welcome back.

  3. Hey Aaekay! You are back! :)

    You had a nice time, and I was sure about that.

    I hope with this understanding you start enjoying your life, in real. :)

  4. Welcom back!! :D

    When I read the first paragraph, I was disheartened. I don't like the "race" theory. I hope all that you've learned stays with you and you really have fun in life. Live it to the fullest not just during vacations but everyday. :)

    Glad to know you had an awesome time. :D

    1. Thanks Ashna!!

      You know, while writing the first paragraph, you were the first person who popped into my mind cause I know how much you hate the rat race, just like me. :)

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment!

  5. Welcome back. Did u come to the US? Share pics of your trip.

    1. Thanks Shachi! :)

      I did come to the US for a good 15 days :) Visited NY, FL, Washington DC and Philly.

      Will definitely share photos soon! :)