09 July, 2013

A guy's dream day.

With a joystick in his hand,
Adorable he looks,
For on entering the house,
Squeal he did,
On seeing an Xbox in a house we stayed.

Comments he screams,
"I will save you, my girl!",
For the villain's role he does not play;
Justice and truth, 
He seeks to protect.

Excited he gets,
On seeing virtual fireworks;
"Yay!", he screams,
Every time he wins,
Just like a kid who got his chocolate.

In the midst of the chaos he creates,
Parathas he waits for, to gobble them down;
"What a beautiful life", he proclaims,
Food and gaming,
A guy's perfect dream,
Come to reality,
And achieve it he did,
In a random house on a shady lane.