24 July, 2013

In the candlelight.

The moonlight fell across the hall,
Where there glistened a single candle;
In the shadows,
Was the figure of a woman,
Whose beauty was enhanced,
By the games the light played on her.

She looked striking in a blue dress,
One that oozed elegance,
She was my princess,
For she held the key to the throne -
That was my heart.

Romantic was the setting,
Candlelight, flowers, a fabulous ambiance;
I wished to caress her,
Stroke her hair,
And hold her in my arms forever.

Amidst good food and great conversation,
I spent my last night in the town,
With the one I adored,
It was a moment that will stand the test of time,
And remain etched in my memory for eternity.