13 July, 2013

Love a guy who.. Part 3.

Love a guy who.. 
Wakes you up every morning,
With a kiss,
While uttering the words you want to hear.

Love a guy who..
Buys you your favourite leopard printed tee,
Inspite of being tight on finances,
Just to see you lighten up with joy.

Love a guy who..
Makes you try scary rides,
Just to blow your fears away,
Mentioning how important it is to try everything in life once.

Love a guy who..
Plays water fights with you,
Not bothering what other people would think,
For being childish he sees as a way of life.

Love a guy who..
Introduces you to a new sport,
Thus making it your obsession,
And to see you enjoy,
Takes you to play it everyday.

Love a guy who..
Cannot bear to see you cry,
Tears roll down his cheeks as well,
When he see you damp and gloomy.

Love a guy who..
Watches late night movies with you,
Just cause you had been aching to watch it,
Inspite of having to wake up early the next day.

Love a guy who..
Helps you shed your inhibitions,
Looks out for you,
Calls your name sweetly,
And most important of all..
Adores, respects and loves you with all his heart and soul,
For it is in such a guy..
That we find our soulmate,
The one who will forever be a part of our life.



  1. <3
    Lovely points AK. Loved 4th para the most!

  2. nice points but do such guys actually exist? lolzz!

    1. Oh yes they do!! Thank you for the comment. :)