06 July, 2013

Teenage pregnancies.

Bulging belly,
Naked hand,
A hundred eyes followed her wherever she went,
No celebrity she was,
But a teenage mom to be.

An abortion she was advised to have,
Not only by her parents,
But even by the guy,
Who gave life to the form,
Growing in her body.

Hormonal changes,
Weight issues,
Mood swings,
That pregnancy brought along didn't bother her,
For all she could think of,
Was holding this precious bundle in her arms.

She refused to kill her unborn child,
She didn't want to give it up for adoption,
A time when she should be in school,
At home she sat,
Speaking to the baby in her tummy.

She narrated stories,
Listened to good music,
She reduced her stress levels and ate good food,
For the baby that thrived on her,
Seemed to be her future.

She could feel,
The heart beat in sync with hers;
Feel him/her move in her tummy,
Swimming in her body's fluids;
She could feel him/her kick,
And see the impression of his/her feet on her tummy;
Nothing gave her greater joy.

Teenage pregnancies,
Are they wrong? Are they right?
Are they ethically and morally bad?
Ambiguous questions these are,
For the heart and mind speak different languages,
And what is right to one may not be to the other;
But for now,
She was happy to wade in happiness,
Even without knowing if her baby was a girl or boy.


  1. What a topic to write on..!!


    Teenage pregnancies apart from the ethical points I am more concerned about the health of both the mother and the child and also if the kind of upbringing the child will be getting for whatever is the reason behind all this the child DOES NOT deserve to be treated badly.

    1. So true Me!! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sigh. This was a lovely read. :)

  3. Very poignant poem.But the happiness of the teen-aged mom brings a smile.Good one.

  4. You reminded me of a beautiful book Where rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern. I still wonder how at such tender age anyone can be so mature and patient. I am still confused over it. :(

    1. Oh I have read that book. Really love it!!

      I'm sorry, but I didn't get who you called mature and patient?

      Thanks for the comment. :)

    2. Teenagers are more mature. I am 13 years old but i would say that i am mature to understand everything.