18 August, 2013

100 fiction.

One look at her and I went spiraling down the memory lane. I remembered how I hated the way she was rude to people, I hated how plain she looked and so many things about her attitude. But today, she had enhanced my life in a way nobody else ever could have. She brought in joy and happiness, laughter and most importantly, love.

I told my son, "Love isn't about who looks hottest or prettiest. It's about who can make you smile widest and feel overwhelmed with emotion with just one look. It's about who looks after you when you're sick, who listens to you when you're down and who tends to your every need. It's not about who has abs underneath his shirt or who looks the perfect couple. In love, we always are perfect in each other's eyes."

My wife of 25 years, who passed away five minutes ago, taught me the most important lesson of my life.