25 October, 2013

I'm nothing without you.

How far should I tread alone,
Before you come and clasp my arm?
How much more pain should I endure,
Before I get an understanding hug?

Deeply flawed,
I am;
But with you by my side,
It all adds up,
To the most perfect equation,
One that you and I together create.

I always need to know that..
You'll never let me go,
For it is with you,
I know what compatibility feels like.

The long gone past we talk of,
The future yet to come we dream of,
And the present that we share,
As far as heaven you go to,
To make it momentous.

What will life be without you,
I never want to know,
I crave your company,
I yearn to spend time with you,
I pine to see you happy,
I hope my wishes are heard,
For these, indeed, are my life's greatest desires.