24 October, 2013

I'm overwhelmed to have YOU.

I complain of a migraine,
Or of a stomach ache,
Maybe even of a cold,
Just knowing I feel sick,
You're ready to rush me to the hospital,
Awww.. I feel overwhelmed!

You motivate me to study,
And teach me to prioritize,
You spoon-feed me and spoil me rotten,
You pamper me like I'm your queen,
Awww.. I feel overwhelmed!

There's nothing that your love for me can't accomplish,
It's divine, it's enchanting;
It's pure, it's rewarding;
But above all..
The amount of love you possess for me,
Overwhelms me and leaves me contended,
And indeed..
A life with you by my side is exactly what I look forward to. :)