21 May, 2014

Mickey and Minnie ♥

Inni minni Mickey Mouse,
Who's the Minnie in your house?
Who fills your heart with joy and care?
Who's the girl who takes you everywhere?
She's the one who makes you laugh,
Oh yes..
She's the Minnie to your heart :)

19 May, 2014

Ishq wala love. ♥

If to any extent he goes,
To ensure a smile on your face,
Anything he would do to make you laugh,
Then oh yes..
It could be ishq wala love.

When he whispers sweet nothings in your ear,
And each word sounds like a melody,
Woven together just for you,
Then it definitely is ishq wala love.

If he teaches you to spread your wings,
And pushes you off the cliff when it is time to fly,
Yet stands beside you when you're soaring high,
It might just be ishq wala love.

When days turn into nights,
And months turn into years,
Yet beside you he stands,
To catch you when you fall,
Please think again..
It might not just be friendship,
But ishq wala love!


18 May, 2014


"I'm telling you Tisha, what you did was wrong!"

My mum yelled through the line, before I heard the sound of the receiver being banged down. I couldn't fathom what enraged her so much. Was it the fact that I hadn't done what would please her or was it because she couldn't see it the way I was seeing it? It all seemed strange to me.

I just gave birth to twins, a couple hours ago. My husband of four years is delighted with his progeny. I'm constantly surrounded by bickering visitors, oohing and aahing on how my babies' nose resembles mine and their eyes resemble my husband's and so on. My mum refused to come see me or my kids. She had refused to come to my marriage ceremony, as I married a guy against her wishes. Hashish and I had been in a relationship for five years before we got married. I am a Gujarati, while he is a Kashmiri. We come from different backgrounds, you know, the typical two states story.

Mum felt that my life would be happy and complete only if I married a Gujarati, gave up my job, learnt home skills and produced children within a year of marriage. She expected that I follow the society's standards of marriage. I rebelled, married inter-caste, worked three years while staying away from the husband and had kids only now. My mum falsely blamed Hashish of cheating on me, when I worked abroad many, many miles away from him. Was it because she was insecure? Had the society influenced her so much that she cared about pleasing them more than my happiness?

My mum and I didn't speak for years after, cause she said that just my voice made her furious. It's here that I realized that my mum's perspective was different from mine. I cannot judge her perspective to be right or wrong, it is one that she is entitled to, but something that I am free to disagree with. Sometimes when we make decisions, we have to remember that not everyone would see things the way we view them. Each person will have a different opinion - some biased too. We can either understand their perspective and try to find a common ground, which I believe rarely happens, we can give into their understanding of the world or we can follow what we feel is right for us. The choice is up to us.

When I think back, I wonder what if my mum had been right? What if Hashish was cheating on me? I would be a divorcee today, probably remarried, living a life where I had made decisions that I felt were right. The society would look down on me for being a divorcee, but who cares? They wouldn't have had my back when I was down. When you see someone with a broken wing, try to mend it if you can, if not, step back and let them heal. Don't force your perspective of things on them or judge their failures. They're stronger than you will ever know.

Mum, look past your point of view. Look past the walls that you have built around yourself. Give yourself the freedom to climb walls and see things with a new pair of eyes, cause then you will see new dimensions to every aspect of life around you.

I will always love you.

~ Tisha

I feel complete when you're in my life.

What is the sky without the shining stars?
How worthy is the snow without the cold?
How important is Mickey Mouse without Minnie?
Well, they're all beautiful in their own ways,
But I believe absolutely incomplete,
For they're not unconditionally loved,
Or doted upon excessively,
That's why I wonder..
Who am I without you?

For it is you who makes everyday worth living,
Every moment more colorful,
And makes chasing my dreams so much more fun.

Life is always beautiful when there's someone to hold your hand,
Stay by your side,
And promise you your ideal forever.

I wouldn't go so far to say that you're my knight in shining armour,
But you've made me feel ardor and zest,
You make me feel like Piglet..
It's just like how Winnie the Pooh says,
"You can't spell love, you can only feel it!"

P.S: A very long hiatus, yes I know. I had no reason to be away, so no excuses. I wasn't extremely busy or sick..  I just felt disconnected. But suddenly at 2AM, I felt this intense urge to blog. I hope I could say that I'm back for good, but I think I'll just see how it goes!