18 May, 2014

I feel complete when you're in my life.

What is the sky without the shining stars?
How worthy is the snow without the cold?
How important is Mickey Mouse without Minnie?
Well, they're all beautiful in their own ways,
But I believe absolutely incomplete,
For they're not unconditionally loved,
Or doted upon excessively,
That's why I wonder..
Who am I without you?

For it is you who makes everyday worth living,
Every moment more colorful,
And makes chasing my dreams so much more fun.

Life is always beautiful when there's someone to hold your hand,
Stay by your side,
And promise you your ideal forever.

I wouldn't go so far to say that you're my knight in shining armour,
But you've made me feel ardor and zest,
You make me feel like Piglet..
It's just like how Winnie the Pooh says,
"You can't spell love, you can only feel it!"

P.S: A very long hiatus, yes I know. I had no reason to be away, so no excuses. I wasn't extremely busy or sick..  I just felt disconnected. But suddenly at 2AM, I felt this intense urge to blog. I hope I could say that I'm back for good, but I think I'll just see how it goes!


  1. Aaekay! You know, I bet I'm the happiest to see you back! :D

    I loved the words up there. The comparisons made, beautiful! :)
    Hope to read more.

    1. Awwwwiiieeeeee thanks a lot Srish! :*