16 June, 2014

55 fiction.

"We're meant to be together, baby. Distance isn't even a factor, nothing will ever tear us apart. Trust me."

How do you trust someone when they say this before you relocate, but cut off all contact with you and you later hear that they've married someone else?

Something that I will never understand.

Girlfriend to divorcee.

In a relationship,
For seven months:

Every time I hear those words,
I get a knot in my stomach,
My heart beats faster,
I feel a little giddy,
I know I've made the right choice.. 
What more could anyone want, other than love?

Second anniversary:

Responsibilities have taken over,
Work has eaten into his soul,
But my love has not diminished,
I wish we could spend more time together,
But what would life be without hardships?
Thankful I am,
To have found a partner,
Who cares to fulfill my every need.

Married with kids,
Fourth anniversary:

My kids make me smile,
They make me feel so proud,
All my emotional needs they complete,
I'm glad they're here with me;
For a lonely soul,
I wish not to be,
My marriage seems to have been vanquished.

Tenth anniversary:

Love I experience in abundance,
But happy I am not,
A flourishing career I gave up,
At my husband's demand,
To raise my kids,
But now..
I regret it,
For respected I feel not.

A year after the divorce:

A beautiful home I had,
Servants appeared when I beckoned,
Expensive jewellery I wore,
I attended parties;
My parents couldn't understand why anyone would leave him,
Or that lifestyle,
They thought I wasn't adjusting enough,
They felt I should be crazy to leave a 'wonderful' man;
But behind the door,
The scene was different,
My husband and I almost never communicated,
He'd silence me with a stern comment,
And tell me to go about my duties;
He refused to hear my cries for help,
When I was drowning in sorrow;
He walked away when I needed him most;
He felt I was unworthy, 
For no money I brought to the table,
I was apparently only lazing around at home;
He had no more respect for me,
He no longer cared about my needs,
He didn't adore me any longer,
But you know what the irony is..
He said that he loved me every night.