13 July, 2014

Reactions After An Absence. ♥

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind,
How would we greet each other?
Would he be thrilled to see me?

I knew how I felt..
Exhilarated and excited,
Filled with ardor and zest;
I longed to hold his face in my palms,
And squeal with joy.

Each second felt like an hour,
These two years apart had flown faster than these couple minutes - or so I felt,
Would we smile and say a polite hi?
Will we shake hands?
Will I blush at his sight and coyly laugh?

Our relationship had blossomed over the years,
Life's challenges had made it stronger,
Happiness had multiplied only by the presence of each other,
But really...
Just how would he welcome me back?

I pushed my trolley laden with excess baggage,
I felt shy to search for that face,
My heart beat past a normal pace,
I looked around and..
There he was,
Standing amidst the chaotic crowd,
Our eyes locked and the moment froze.

I rushed past the security procedures - beaming widely,
Disrupting the haphazard pattern that people had formed.
I jumped into his open arms,
Our laughter was synchronous,
Tears of joy spilled down my cheek,
Our overflowing happiness was evident.

He lifted me up,
Hugged me tightly and..
Sealed our relationship with the heartiest kiss!!

I knew at that moment,
That nothing had ever changed between us,
And it put all my insecurities to rest,
But the nutso here?
I realized that airports indeed have more sincere kisses than wedding halls. :)


  1. hey...how have you been? where are you these days? Hope all is well. How is your sweet little sister? I've been thinking about both of you.

    1. Hi Shachi, I have doing alright :) I'm in India, into the final fourth year of my engineering course. Everything is going well. My sister is doing absolutely wonderful!! I hope R&R are doing great and please give tons of hugs to Ruhi darling from me!
      Thanks for the wishes :) We will stay in touch!